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Simona Melone
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Simona Melone

Head of Sales

Welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Get to know Simona Melone

In our Meet the Genies series, we give you the opportunity to get to know the friendly faces that make RoomPriceGenie more than just an algorithm.

Strictly Business

I am the Head of Sales.
I have been in tech sales since 2011. I was previously at Accenture and I delved in the hospitality industry with SiteMinder.
In my view RoomPriceGenie stands out for its unique blend of sophistication, easy to use, friendliness and customer-centric approach.
Hotel owners want to dedicate time to their customers and make their experience unforgettable, while getting their price right every night.
I love seeing how innovation directly impacts real people’s lives. It also gives me an opportunity to stay updated with the latest travel trends.

A little more…

Proactiveness, Empathy, Balance
Open-minded, uplifting (I hope haha), and organized.
Would this matter in 1, 10, 20 years from now?
My weekends are all about family activities with our son. We love travelling, sightseeing and exploring what London and the great outdoors have to offer.