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Shannen Baillie
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Shannen Baillie

Sales Development Representative

Welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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In our Meet the Genies series, we give you the opportunity to get to know the friendly faces that make RoomPriceGenie more than just an algorithm.

Strictly Business

SDR for UK and Ireland
I’ve worked in most, if not all aspects of the Hospitality Industry specializing in Events Management and Wedding Coordination. I studied my BSc Hons in International Wildlife Biology and Masters in Conservation and Wildlife biology.
The accessibility! Room Pricing is infamously difficult to do and can be a bit of a minefield – whereas room price genie makes dynamic pricing available for everyone regardless of technological understanding or experience level.
Having worked in hotels throughout my career in hospitality, I recognized that many hotels are still using the same methods of pricing and booking as they have done for many years. As technology has changed, so has the hospitality industry. I’d love to be able to fix the fear of advancing technology and help hoteliers understand that technology is our friend! Especially in such busy environments – I love to help people understand that it’s here to benefit us rather than complicate things and show them how beneficial it can be to their business.
The people!! I’ve said it since I started in this industry – the hospitality industry has some of the kindest, hardest working people. Which makes working in the hospitality tech industry amazing, I like being able to help busy hoteliers explore technology that can take away a lot of time consuming or stressful duties such as market research for Room Pricing.

A little more…

Fun, Genuine People and Shared Goals.
Adventurous, Confident and Calming!
What’s for you, won’t go by you. (It means, if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.. or the opportunity won’t pass you it it’s meant for you…got to love old Scottish Grandma expressions!)
”It’s never coincidence” – I’ve travelled quite a lot and from the outside it might appear I’ve lived a few different lives, most which have been the result of right place right time, so I’m not such a believer in coincidence, I like to think there’s a deeper driver to these things – so some explanation to where I’ve ended up … it always needs a backstory!
Spending time with my fiance… normally walking the dogs at the lake, eating pizza and finishing the day watching a good series or movie (snackies mandatory).