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Phuc Luu-Thanh
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Phuc Luu-Thanh

Senior Python Data Engineer

Welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Strictly Business

Five years of hands-on industrial experience in data engineering, wrangling TB-scale datasets and ensuring data integrity and accessibility for analytical purposes.
What makes RoomPriceGenie solution unique is its user-centric design: it prioritises the end users’ experience and help them utilise the software with ease.
I want to help hotel owners in delivering reliable data backbone.

A little more…

Attention in detail: a smallest oversight in data engineering can result in significant inaccuracies. My commitment is to improve and ensure data robustness.
Don’t rely on your willpower to ensure you make good decisions. Create a framework and make wrong paths hard to walk.
Reading non-fiction and technical literature is my way for unwinding and exploring different worlds.