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Marko Pacak
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Marko Pacak

Senior Python Data Engineer

Welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Strictly Business

6+ years of experience in Computer Engineering, Analytics, Data Science, Cloud… Worked in multiple industries: security, fin-tech, IoT, Solar Energy, Hospitality, Teaching …
The people behind it are great minds and visionaries .
Complex information has to be made easy to read and navigate.
Probably visit the clients in person (happened only once for now).

A little more…

1) Make it simple for everyone around you. I like to take on the hard work and make sure my colleagues don’t have to deal with the complex side of the project. 2) Develop as if you were working directly with the client Even though I work “behind the scenes”, I want to make sure that features are easy to use for non-technical people.
You won’t find out until you try.
Snowboarding, Skateboard, Mountains, Beach, Music Production.