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Felix Böttcher
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Felix Böttcher

Sales & Revenue Manager

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In our Meet the Genies series, we give you the opportunity to get to know the friendly faces that make RoomPriceGenie more than just an algorithm.

Strictly Business

Sales & Revenue Manager
I recently finished my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Hospitality Management. Over the course of my studies in Switzerland, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the hospitality sector (especially hotel tech) by being involved in the school’s innovation club, working on projects with start-ups and taking part in several hospitality competitions. After quickly developing a passion for the innovative aspect of the industry, it was clear to me that I want to be part of a company that strives to innovate and modernize the hotel industry which can often be too traditional and reluctant to change. This is why I joined RoomPriceGenie and their mission to make dynamic pricing accessible for every hotel, no matter how big or small.
RoomPriceGenie has an immediate return on investment and great flexibility in terms of usage. Whether you’re the owner, a revenue manager, or the general manager, our solution is used by a variety of professionals ranging from those who are experienced to those who are less experienced in Revenue Management. It’s easy to use, takes less time, and increases the yearly revenue by a significant amount. It’s not a nice-to-have, but a must-have!
The core of hospitality is providing exceptional guest service and creating unforgettable memories. In particular, family-owned hotels have a strong sense of duty to always be available for their guests. However, nowadays back-of-house activities such as revenue management can take up a good chunk of a hotelier’s time. We try to restrict this to a minimum so that they can allocate their time to more valuable activities, such as being there for their guests!
I really enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people that have the drive to make an impact in a very conservative industry. It can be challenging from time to time, but who doesn’t like a good challenge, right? I also love seeing the positive impact our software has. It’s a rewarding feeling when hoteliers who haven’t paid much attention to dynamic pricing turn into happy customers that experience the true value of our solution and service. My least favorite thing about working in hospitality tech is probably seeing how narrow-minded the hospitality industry can be – to a point where any kind of change will not be tolerated. We live in constantly changing times when it’s more important than ever to stay open-minded towards new ideas and solutions.

A little more…

Persistence. Passion. Stepping out of your comfort zone.
Compassionate. Confident. Lightweight (when it comes to drinking)
It’s not only OK to fail, but it’s necessary if you want to learn and grow.
Teaching kids Chinese Martial Arts, spending time with my girlfriend, discovering exotic restaurants with my friends, and going to the gym.