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Iara Carmo
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Iara Carmo

Sales & Revenue Manager

Hello, welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Strictly Business

Hospitality & Project Management
Simplicity and inclusivity. We take care of the complexity and offer an easy-to-use solution so all sort of customers can enjoy the benefit of using an AI as a tool to boost their revenue for a fair price.
Time spent to track competitors’ data, uncertainty around the right time to switch the prices and how to find the best rate to apply on the day-day.
When I look back to the things I needed to do manually when working at hotels and now people can do with a click of a button, not only makes me feel happy, it makes me feel proud of being part of the solution that facilitates the workload as well as the innovation we are bringing to an industry that still has conservative protocols and small space for investment in technology.

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Equity, respect and love
Cheerful, optimistic and open-minded
You shall love your neighbor as yourself (life challenge)
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