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November 17, 2022

Riunione Ticino

BLU Restaurant & Lounge Via Gioacchino Respini 9, 6600, Locarno

Under the motto "Riunione Ticino" we all want to get together and toast the year.
We will give a short presentation on revenue management and trends. It is no secret that the shortage of skilled workers is a problem for hoteliers in Switzerland and that lack of time is a big issue. Two-thirds of hotels in Switzerland are struggling to fill vacancies. The situation is leading to a massive shortage of support staff. This makes it all the more important to optimize internal processes, keep up with trends and think about "outsourcing" and automation.

On site for you:

Emanuele Patelli, Ticino Tourismo
Andrea Palmoso, SHS
Melanie Staub, RoomPriceGenie

Riunione Ticino event

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BLU Restaurant & Lounge Via Gioacchino Respini 9, 6600, Locarno,