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Guests traveling to San Francisco looking for authentic experiences often bypass the big hotel brands and look for smaller, more authentic boutique hotels. Roberto Pacaccio is the Revenue Manager of five such hotels. These properties are centrally located in some of San Francisco’s most dynamic neighborhoods and allow guests to feel like locals during their stay. With a wide variety of room types and guest segments, these hotels offer something for everyone looking for a great stay in San Francisco.
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Roberto Pacaccio
“I save 30 hours a month in research and manual data entry, which allows him to focus on other important areas of the business.”

Roberto Pacaccio, Revenue Manager

Die Herausforderung

Prior to RoomPriceGenie, rates were set in July for the upcoming year, based on insights and event information provided by the San Francisco tourism board (SF Travel). With this information, Roberto could generate a pretty accurate calendar and calculate demand for each date. He would then check revenues on a weekly basis and manually adjust rates if needed. He explains, “I used to manually update rates into our PMS/Channel manager, which was a tiresome, time-consuming process. I was able to add some simple automation based on current occupancy level, but it wasn’t nearly enough to consider the process efficient.”

Der Auslöser

While Roberto’s pricing process worked fairly well, it was not only time consuming, but he was also leaving money on the table by not maximizing revenues on high demand rates (e.g. big conventions). He says, “By the time I realized I could charge more for specific dates, I was already sold out.” So he set out looking for a solution that would allow him to cross reference market demand with the pricing applied by the competition.

Die Lösung

When Roberto saw RoomPriceGenie for the first time, he knew immediately that it had the power to transform the way he prices rooms. Although San Francisco Is still recovering from the pandemic, he knows that when conventions and leisure travelers return, he will be prepared to offer the right price to the right guest at the right time. He says, “When there is demand/compression in the San Francisco market, ADR is spot on, so I know the software Is working for us.”

Die Ergebnisse

Despite challenges resulting from the current state of the San Francisco travel market, Roberto credits RoomPriceGenie with helping the hotels stay afloat, maximizing revenue whenever possible. And, for Roberto, RoomPriceGenie is making his life a lot easier. He saves 30 hours a month in research and manual data entry, which allows him to focus on other important areas of the business, such as expense management and financial reporting.