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Inn Your Element

During the recession, Natalia Assa and her husband began renting out rooms in their beachside home. The first summer was great but when winter began, it became clear that making a business from hospitality required specialized technology. “We have been using RoomPriceGenie for two full consecutive months now and our business has considerably improved.”
Inn Your Element Hotel
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Natalia Assa from Inn Your Element
“Accurate room pricing in today’s world is crucial for success. Since using RoomPriceGenie, our total revenue has increased considerably.”

Natalia Assa

De Uitdaging

Brand new to hospitality, Natalia didn’t have a blueprint for pricing rooms. Rather, she manually compared rates and tracked website traffic but made a lot of costly mistakes. “Early on, I started to compare my listing to other AirBnB listings and tracked how different measures affect my occupancy and the clicks on my website. Yet, we mostly lost money with our tries to get the prices right. We learned a lot over the last few years, but it was expensive.”

Het Triggermoment

Despite having an information-rich website, Natalia noticed that the only two pages that customers visit are the homepage and the rooms and rates page. She quickly realized that rooms and rates are what guests care the most about and drive business.

De Oplossing

With RoomPriceGenie, Natalia is able to stay in control of pricing but has a system to execute her strategy. “RoomPriceGenie picks up on pricing trends that I, as a human, can’t spot as quickly. RoomPriceGenie is an excellent partner and I value the company’s openness to feedback.”

Het Resultaat

Inn Your Element has been using RoomPriceGenie for two full consecutive months and business has considerably improved. “RevPaR is up 16% in March and 25% in April. Our overall revenue, after doubling the number of rooms and starting to use RoomPriceGenie, is up 144% in March, 163% in April and 67% so far in May.”

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Nederlandse vlag
"Jullie hebben me altijd goed geholpen als ik iets nodig had. Een e-mail of telefoontje en alles wordt geregeld. RoomPriceGenie heeft mijn werk veel gemakkelijker gemaakt."
Your Apartment, Bristol, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Your Apartment

UK vlag
Verenigd Koninkrijk
"Het bespaart elke dag enorm veel tijd en we hebben tot nu toe uitstekende inkomstenresultaten gehad. We kunnen met recht zeggen dat het ons 7-9 uur per week heeft bespaard, omdat we het systeem het werk hebben laten doen."
Hotel Piz Mitgel

Hotel Piz Mitgel

De vlag van Zwitserland
"Geweldige ondersteuning en service van het RoomPriceGenie team gecombineerd met uitstekende omzet genererende software. Wij raden RoomPriceGenie aan iedere hotelier aan!"