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The retail market segment, which is a sub-segment of the transient market, refers to individual business and leisure guests who book their rooms through the direct retail channels without an intermediary (i.e. OTAs, group contracts or wholesalers). Bookings can come through a variety of booking channels, including direct (online and by phone), from walk-ins and a hotel’s own booking apps.

Cómo utilizarlo

The retail market segment is very important for hoteliers as it typically offers higher profit margins (compared to bookings made through intermediaries, which either require offering lower rates via third-party channels or paying high commissions for each booking). To effectively drive retail bookings, hotels should be leveraging CRM data to develop personalized digital marketing strategies to appeal to this valuable audience, use dynamic pricing to ensure their rates as are competitive as possible as the market changes, and cultivate repeat guests by implemetning a loyalty program.



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While this market is valuable all year long, I develop strategic marketing campaigns and promotions designed to attract retail bookings during off-peak times to maintain occupancy in times of low demand. I also incentivize direct bookings over other channels, by offering loyalty points, special discounts or exclusive amenities to encourage guests to book directly.

Sarah Kock

Sarah Kock