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High Level Software and RoomPriceGenie announce global partnership

Partnership High Level Software RoomPriceGenie

High Level Software and RoomPriceGenie announce global partnership to enable automated pricing. Cardiff, United Kingdom (February 17, 2022) — High Level Software (HLS), the cloud-based property management system (PMS) and RoomPriceGenie, the award-winning pricing automation tool for independent hoteliers, pubs & inns, today announced a software integration that enables HLS customers to benefit from RoomPriceGenie’s […]

Eviivo and RoomPriceGenie announce global partnership

Partnership eviivo RoomPriceGenie

Best-in-class software companies partner to integrate automated pricing suite feature for independent accommodations. London, United Kingdom (January 31, 2022) — Today, eviivo, a leading hospitality software company, and RoomPriceGenie, the essential and award-winning pricing automation tool, announced a software integration that enables eviivo customers to benefit from RoomPriceGenie’s automated pricing application. With this integration officially […]

Revenue Management with Reconline

Reconline RoomPriceGenie

Reconline PMS is web-based reservation solution for small to medium-sized hotels/hotel groups that simplifies the reservation process both on your website and your front desk. Front Desk Manage reservations from a single screen, with real-time overview of all your bookings; Make changes to bookings with a simple drag and drop option; Post charges and payments […]

Revenue Management with Semper

Semper RoomPriceGenie

Semper is a comprehensive Property Management System that is easy to use and available in cloud or on-premise versions. Semper includes a CRM ensuring enhanced guest experience such as contactless check-in, guest services enabling account access from anywhere with ability to check out without the hassle of queuing at the reception desk. You will also […]

RoomPriceGenie and Seekom – a partnership case-study from New Zealand

Seekom RoomPriceGenie

The back-story Three or four years ago, Seekom, an established and well-respected property management system (PMS) from New Zealand, made a bold decision. They wanted to offer their clients more than just a standard PMS – they saw a lot of opportunity for their clients to make more revenue and wanted to help them achieve […]

Revenue Management with Guesty

Guesty RoomPriceGenie

Guesty is a property management platform used by property managers and management companies to run their short-term and vacation rentals.  Guesty’s property management software provides end-to-end solutions which simplify the complex operational needs of accommodation providers. A unified platform created with smart technology in mind, incorporating many automated tools to fit all the needs of […]

RoomPriceGenie and RoomRaccoon – a match made in room heaven

RoomRaccoon RoomPriceGenie

The life of a hotelier has never been easy. But especially in the new world we live in today, doing business isn’t getting any easier, right? Sometimes, it feels like the job of a hotelier turned from a guest-facing hospitality provider to a role where you are behind your computer all day long trying to […]

Revenue Management Software with SiteMinder

SiteMinder RoomPriceGenie

SiteMinder is a simple and effective guest acquisition platform that offers you channel management, customer support, room booking management and much more. With a hugely friendly user interface, SiteMinder gives you complete automation and control over your distribution allowing you to make the most of your greatest asset; your hotel. Whilst you’re investing in technology […]

Revenue Management with Seekom

Seekom RoomPriceGenie

Seekom is a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) offering you booking engine technology, channel management, guest communication and much more. Designed with a variety of property sizes in mind, this PMS offers full automation to many of the daily tasks involved in running your business. With regular updates and an easy to use interface, Seekom […]

Revenue Management Software with Protel

Protel RoomPriceGenie Announcement Graphic

Protel is your go-to Property Management System (PMS) for single or multi-property businesses. With automation for nearly every aspect of running your business, Protel can help you with everything from employee management, accounting, and catering to online booking and channel management. Trusted by over 14,000 customers Protel really is one of the biggest players in […]

Revenue Management with Mews

mews logo

Mews is an innovative Property Management System (PMS) that specializes in automating your daily tasks. Covering every possible base, Mews can help you and your team with booking management, upselling, online check-in, housekeeping and accounting, taking you away from your desk and placing you back on the floor spending valuable time with your guests. Easy […]

Revenue Management Software with Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier is your all-in-one Property Management and Channel Management solution for bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and small hotels. Specifically designed with the smaller property in mind, Little Hotelier has you got you covered when it comes to getting big exposure for your small property. Boasting a wide range of tools from distribution management and […]

Revenue Management with Hotel Spider

Hotel Spider, a Swiss channel manager, strives to meet all your distribution needs in one easy to use software. With a reliable two-way interface, you can input your rates and availabilities or even have your PMS automate the process. This information is then distributed over all your connected booking portals and, once a reservation is […]

Revenue Management with Guestline

Announcement Guestline RoomPriceGenie

Guestline is a Property Management System (PMS) dedicated to giving you more time with your guests. Believing that time is your greatest power, Guestline covers every base from property and channel management to booking engines and payment solutions. With a self-explanatory software and easy functionality, this PMS gives its customers total ease at the touch […]

Next-Generation Hotel Revenue Management with Clock and RoomPriceGenie

Clock Roompricegenie

Clock is a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) specialising in a wide range of customer-facing features. Covering you from catering and maintenance management to online booking and marketing automation, Clock provides its clients with a well rounded and versatile solution to the daily tasks of property management. RoomPriceGenie is specially built for smaller hotels of […]

Revenue Management with RoomPriceGenie

Revenue Management Software company, RoomPriceGenie now offers a one-way integration with which allows you to see our pricing recommendations and updates on your profile. By making your dynamic and smart prices visible on multiple booking platforms, you’re boosting your visibility and encouraging more customers to view your competitive prices. RoomPriceGenie is specially built […]

Smaller Hotel Revenue Management With Booking Factory and RoomPriceGenie

Booking Factory is your one-stop shop Property Management System (PMS) for independent hotels and b&bs. Designed to help smaller hotels move over into a completely digital management system, Booking Factory is there to meet all your hotel’s needs. Offering marketing automation, online booking tools, and customer relations management, this PMS is the ideal candidate for […]

Vacation Rental and Apartment Revenue Management with Booking Automation

Booking Automation logo

Booking Automation is a go-to for all your property management needs when it comes to short-term rentals. With the ability to sync with a variety of channels including, Airbnb and many more, this property management system can help you optimise your property’s visibility. Automation of your calendar, communications, and payment mean the day to […]

Vacation Rental and Hotel Revenue Management with Beds24

Beds24 is a powerful cloud-based Property Management System designed with the vacation rental property manager in mind. Extremely flexible and able to suit a range of properties from B&B’s and hostels to holiday rentals, this PMS can manage multiple properties as well as automate the routine runnings of a property manager on a daily basis. […]