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High Level Software and RoomPriceGenie announce global partnership

High Level Software and RoomPriceGenie announce global partnership to enable automated pricing.

Cardiff, United Kingdom (February 17, 2022)High Level Software (HLS), the cloud-based property management system (PMS) and RoomPriceGenie, the award-winning pricing automation tool for independent hoteliers, pubs & inns, today announced a software integration that enables HLS customers to benefit from RoomPriceGenie’s automated pricing application.

HLS commitment to help customers streamline operations, save time and increase revenue, make this partnership with RoomPriceGenie a perfect fit. This integration delivers on all these fronts, maximizing opportunity and increasing RevPAR.

“We have recently partnered with RoomPriceGenie to enable hands-off price optimization. This has become increasingly important to our hotel partners and for some, an essential part of their revenue management strategy” says Rhys Swinburn, Managing Director at HLS. “RoomPriceGenie focuses on automated revenue management, specifically for independent hotels and groups managing pubs & inns. Giving our customers a real-time integration to best in class software that compliments our core PMS is a key part of our strategy and initial reaction to RoomPriceGenie has been excellent”

Key benefits of the integration include:

  • Hands-off pricing updates (7x per day) that eliminates manual, time-heavy work
  • High-quality data, ensuring a deep analysis of your accommodation’s area, your competitors and the specific demand for your accommodation
  • A simple and fast set-up between HLS and RoomPriceGenie

“When potential guests book online, having the right price at any given time during the day is key,” says Ari Andricopoulos, CEO of RoomPriceGenie. “This is why we made dynamic pricing available to everyone, by opening up data previously only available to global hospitality brands. Now, because we know it’s essential for you to get comfortable with new technology, it is our pleasure to let you experience the power of automated pricing at no cost until the end of March. And as an additional perk to celebrate this new partnership with High Level Software, we are happy to share with you our RoomPriceGenie Academy which features a step-by-step guide to increase profitability.”

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