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The Boathouse Apartments

The Boathouse Apartments in Airlie Beach, Australia, is family-owned and operated by the Andrews family. Though new to managing vacation rentals, their background in construction and working closely with people, primed them for hospitality management. They oversee 33 apartments with water views in a prime location near the marina. For this hands-on family, providing exceptional service and experiences are paramount. Lea says, "Our team and family-owned business ethic is important to us. We strive to ensure our guests have the best time in Airlie Beach and that The Boathouse is everything they expect, and more."
The Boathouse Apartments based in Queensland Austrailia
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Lea & Ross from The Boathouse Apartments
“I trust that RoomPriceGenie is doing its thing, even when I am not watching, which is comforting.”

Lea & Ross Andrews

The Challenge

With limited hospitality experience, the Andrews struggled to confidently price their apartments. They often relied on reactive tactics like matching competitors' rates which proved ineffective. Setting prices far in advance for wholesalers was problematic, and they found it difficult to adapt pricing to changing market conditions. Their manual approach was time-consuming for staff who fit it in when possible, leading to errors. They oscillated between over and underpricing as they tried to keep up with the market's fluctuations. The owners knew they needed a better solution to optimize pricing, increase ADR, and offer customers the best direct rates.

The Trigger

It was clear that the team’s manual pricing methods were inefficient and costing them time and potential revenue. Though they wanted to shift strategies, the busy managers struggled to find the right solution. A cold email from RoomPriceGenie got their attention and, after doing their due diligence, they finally took the first step towards change with RoomPriceGenie.

The Solution

Today, RoomPriceGenie seamlessly integrates into the daily operations at The Boathouse Apartments. The intuitive interface makes it easy to update date ranges for special events. With this tailored pricing solution, The Boathouse is maximizing ADR during high demand and strategic discounting during slower periods. As avid learners, the owners are eager to further leverage the platform's capabilities to unlock their property's full revenue potential. Their collaboration with RoomPriceGenie has given The Boathouse the competitive edge to thrive, even as newcomers to the hospitality field.

The Result

Since implementing RoomPriceGenie's automated dynamic pricing, The Boathouse Apartments has seen their ADR steadily rise, already surpassing competitors by 10% or more. Occupancy has also jumped compared to last year.

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