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Wanderlust Guesthouse

“With RoomPriceGenie we were able to increase our occupancy and turnover. That is motivating!”

Wanderlust Guesthouse
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Case Study

Wanderlust Guesthouse, Weggis, Switzerland - Valentina Denz

"With RoomPriceGenie we were able to increase our occupancy and turnover. That is motivating!"

Please introduce yourself and tell us briefly more about your hotel, your history and your market

In July 2017, I opened my own guesthouse with a lot of commitment. Here we, the guesthouse team of 3-4 people, live our dream as hosts. I grew up in Weggis and gained my professional skills in the luxury hotel industry.

Wanderlust is a stylish, uncomplicated guesthouse for guests with a spirit of adventure and discovery. It is beautifully situated between mountains and lake. We have 18 bright double and three-bed rooms (with private bathroom or shared bathroom), renovated in spring 2017. All rooms are private. A communal kitchen equipped with all the necessary amenities and a large table for a cosy chat with other guests ensure a carefree get-together. And in case there is no one to chat with at the moment, the sitting area with the colourful travel books of the Gestalten publishing house from the Wanderlust library invites you to dive into distant worlds.

How did you design your prices before RoomPriceGenie and how long did you have to do it?

Before RoomPriceGenie we had static prices. In the very beginning, we even had the same prices all year round. In terms of time, that was no effort, but in terms of turnover, we certainly missed out on a lot.

How important is dynamic pricing for you in today's market?

Very important! 

How has RoomPriceGenie made your life easier and what do you like most about RoomPriceGenie?

The setup was done quickly and professionally thanks to the help of the RoomPriceGenie team. I like that the support is included and that my contact person Melanie Staub not only gives answers about RoomPriceGenie, but also thinks along with us and always gives input on how we can optimise certain points. This is really a great added value for us and speaks for the corporate philosophy of RoomPriceGenie.

Since the setup, we have let the software work for us. For us, the biggest hurdle before the implementation was questions like “what will our regular guests say?” Or “will we have to discuss much?” It turned out that today’s guests are used to flexible pricing and the concerns were groundless.

Can you already report first sales increases or further successes? If so, what are they?

We were clearly able to increase turnover by raising prices in our peak season, the summer. In winter, on the other hand, we were able to achieve a higher occupancy rate with lower prices. Compared to previous years, we were able to increase turnover in both seasons.

And finally: Please describe RoomPriceGenie in one sentence

With RoomPriceGenie we were able to increase our occupancy and turnover. That is motivating! 

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