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Hotel Quellenhof

At just 25 years old, Hendrik Niehues embarked on a new challenge - taking over his grandfather's 20-room hotel, Quellenhof Bad Urach. Joining forces with his grandfather, Hendrik set out to modernize the property, which includes apartments, spacious double and single rooms. Nestled near the picturesque waterfall in Bad Urach and the Swabian Alb region, the hotel boasts a prime location. During the week, Quellenhof Bad Urach caters to business travelers working in the industry south of Stuttgart. On weekends, leisure travelers come to explore the natural beauty of the waterfall and Swabian Alb or visit the popular outlet city of Metzingen. With his grandfather's guidance and his own entrepreneurial spirit, Hendrik looks to usher Quellenhof Bad Urach into a new era while preserving its long-standing charm.
Hotel Quellenhof
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Hendrik Niehues
“One of the best decisions I made was to leverage RoomPriceGenie to automate our pricing. Our revenue has increased 49%”

Hendrik Niehues

The Challenge

When Hendrik took over Quellenhof Bad Urach, he inherited an antiquated approach to room rates. Rates were set just once annually based on a general comparison to competitive properties, without accounting for seasons, events, or real-time market data. This manual process took 5-8 hours per week and relied solely on instinct rather than strategy. After implementing a cloud-based PMS, Hendrik could adjust prices more frequently in the system, but still lacked the data to optimize pricing. The manual adjustments remained time-consuming and inaccurate. With no dynamic pricing strategy, Quellenhof Bad Urach missed opportunities to maximize revenues during peak seasons and events.

The Trigger

Hendrik realized the hotel needed a better solution to set rates competitively, efficiently, and based on hard data. The challenge was finding the right revenue management approach for a small, independent hotel. In his quest for a more modern solution, he found RoomPriceGenie.

The Solution

Hendrik discovered the ideal revenue management solution in RoomPriceGenie. The automated pricing tool required minimal setup and now seamlessly optimizes rates behind the scenes. With RoomPriceGenie's AI-powered algorithms at work, Hendrik simply checks the app periodically to ensure it's functioning as intended. The Genie has become an invisible revenue companion, dynamically adjusting prices based on real-time demand and occupancy data to maximize yields. This automated, data-driven approach has given Quellenhof Bad Urach the pricing agility it lacked. Now rates shift transparently with the market. Hendrik has recouped hours previously wasted on manual pricing, freeing up time to focus on guests.

The Result

RoomPriceGenie's intelligent automation has brought effortless revenue management and true dynamic pricing to this small, independent hotel. Travelers have happily embraced the optimized rates, allowing Hendrik to boost RevPAR by an average of 34% in the first six months, without compromising satisfaction. Revenue has increased 49% with a 19% higher utilization. In addition, the system saves the team about 6 hours a week that they can now spend with guests.

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