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Greg and Angela Marshall manage over 60 short-term stay properties in the beautiful alpine village of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. “We manage these properties for homeowners with different needs and desired outcomes for their investment. Some homeowners want a high nightly rate with fewer stays, and others want their house rented out as often as possible for a reasonable rate.”
Book Tekapo
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Marshall Family
“Our business would not run as smoothly, and our income would not be as high if it weren’t for RoomPriceGenie.”

Greg and Angela Marshall

The Challenge

Before using RoomPriceGenie Greg, Angela would study the rates of other properties and manually adjust change rates competition and market factors like holidays. “With the number of properties we manage, you can imagine the time it took to change rates manually. In fact, we needed full-time staff to help manage the pricing. We would often miss the odd holiday or event coming up and therefore leave out on revenue,” says Greg.

The Trigger

During the pandemic, resources became limited. Angela returned to her job as a teacher, and most of the housekeeping team returned to their families. “How we ran our business had to change, and RoomPriceGenie empowered us to be more operationally efficient.”

The Solution

With RoomPriceGenie, Book Tekapo can optimize its pricing faster and more effectively than with a human team. In addition, it’s easy to adjust base rates when homeowners want to make changes. “We have been surprised at the high rates guests will pay,” says Angela. “And besides the software, the RoomPriceGenie team has been supportive and patient throughout our revenue journey. We have had several training sessions.”

The Result

What used to take a part-time staff member working 20 hours per week now takes the owner half an hour per week. “Our income has quadrupled in December alone.”