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Tarifa media diaria (ADR)


The Average Daily Rate (also known as ADR) is a performance metric that monitors the average room rate for each occupied room during a given period of time.

Cómo utilizarlo

When used in conjunction with occupancy, ADR is a valuable metric as it helps hoteliers understand whether their revenue management strategy is effective. If a hotel sees that their occupancy is very high but their ADR is low, the property should increase their room rate to maximise profitability; if occupancy is very low and ADR is very high, the property should decrease their rates to drive more bookings.

ADR is also useful for performance benchmarking, enabling a property to compare its performance to that of its compset – again, making it easier to identify opportunities to increase bookings and revenue, and/or address potential shortfalls in the current pricing strategy.


ADR is calculated by dividing the total room revenue by the number of rooms sold.

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“Revenue managers should monitor their property’s ADR and occupancy on a very regular basis to ensure that their pricing decisions are driving them towards accomplishing their short- and long-term business and profitabilty goals.”

Hendrik Niehues

Hendrik Niehues