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Revenue Management Glossary



Pick-up is an important metric which shows hoteliers the number of rooms that have been booked over a specific period of time (i.e., on a daily basis, across a specific date range, etc.).

How to use it

Analyzing your pick-up shows your actual bookings compared to your anticipated forecast for the same time period. By comparing actual bookings to your anticipated forecast, you can establish if you should be making changes to your pricing or promotional strategy to maximise bookings and revenue opportunities.


Actual bookings – Initial bookings = Pick-up In other words, you substract the initial bookings that you had (at the beginning of the period) from the actual bookings that you have at the end of the time period to calculate the pick-up for that time period.

Related Terms

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I love this simple tracker to have a firm grasp on what is the norm for the hotel, understand when there is a lower/higher amount of reservations and why and prepare beforehand

José Miranda

Jose Miranda