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Hotel Seestern

Located in Timmendorfer Strand, Hotel Seestern is a beach-front hotel built in 1908. Situated close to the city center, the hotel caters almost exclusively to leisure guests. The property is owned and managed by Mathias Lehmann and his wife, third generation hoteliers, who treat guests like family.
Hotel Seestern Front Entrance
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Mathias Lehmann from Hotel Seestern
“Increasing room rates can feel risky because you don’t want to upset your regular guests, but we haven’t received any negative feedback, so dynamic pricing appears to be working.”

Mathias Lehmann

The Challenge

Establishing the right room price was time consuming and hit-or-miss for Mathias. He would spend time manually checking prices on competitors' sites and OTAs, being cognizant to search for pricing on days with events and holidays. But, due to the manual nature of the task, his room pricing was prone to error, leaving him feeling like he could be doing more to optimize his rates.

The Trigger

Mathias learned about RoomPriceGenie through channel manager, Eviivo. Because it was built for independent hoteliers and promised ease of use, he was eager to learn more. He reached out and decided to take advantage of the no-obligation free trial offer.

The Solution

With RoomPriceGenie running in the background, Mathias no longer has to spend his time manually looking up his competitors’ rates and tracking local events. Now, he can simply log into the easy-to-use platform to see pricing and decide whether he wants to tweak it or leave it alone.

The Result

With RoomPriceGenie, Mathias estimates that he saves about two hours a week that he can repurpose to his employees and guests. He notes that since using the solution, the price per night per guest has increased, proving that guests are willing to pay more for their rooms than he was charging.