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Hotel Moguntia

In 2017, Milan Marijanovic took over and renovated Hotel Moguntia, a 24-room private B&B hotel on the edge of the city centre in Mainz. He says, “We provide every guest with service that only small private hotels can offer, which differentiates us from the hotel chains in the area.”
A twin single room at Hotel Moguntia. With a nice spacious area, a table to work from and drawers with a TV.
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Milan Marijanovic from Hotel Moguntia
“I save one working day a week thanks to RoomPriceGenie that I can repurpose for other important work at the hotel, including servicing my guests.”

Milan Marijanovic

The Challenge

The other hotels in the immediate vicinity are much larger than Hotel Moguntia, and most are part of a hotel chain. While this allows Hotel Moguntia to differentiate through service, the competitive market also means pricing needs to be just right.

The Trigger

When Milan reopened the hotel in 2017, he spent a few hours every day trying to price competitively. He found that the prices were good for some time, but then it was necessary to reprice again and again. And, more often than not, the prices were either too high or too low. He says, “I realized that manually pricing was a waste of precious time. So, I began looking for a system that could help me.”

The Solution

While looking for a pricing solution, Milan came across RoomPriceGenie and realized that it was precisely what he was looking for. He says, “With RoomPriceGenie, once the parameters are established, the whole process is automated, saving me time while ensuring that I’m not leaving any money on the table. I tried other solutions, but RoomPriceGenie was far superior. I can maintain control over pricing, manually making any changes when I think prices are off. And, best of all, when we rolled it out, our prices remained favourable compared to the competition, so guests were happy.”

The Result

With RoomPriceGenie, ADR and occupancy at Hotel Moguntia have increased by 15%. In addition, Milan gets time back in his busy day to service his guests and ensure the best hospitality possible.

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