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Gasthaus Hof

The Gasthaus Hof in Appenzell is a family-run hotel known for its comfortable rooms and home-style cooking. Growing up with inn-keeper parents, Josef Dörig shares his family’s love of hospitality and aims to provide his guests with a unique and warm experience while in beautiful Appenzellerland.
Gasthause Hof Hotel
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Josef Dörig
“With RoomPriceGenie we are able to increase our occupancy and revenue. Our sales are up 25% simply because we are now pricing rooms better.”

Josef Dörig

The Challenge

Like many small hotels, The Gasthaus Hof had fixed pricing throughout the year. This meant that the rooms were too cheap in the high season and too expensive in the low season, leaving money on the table.

The Trigger

While Josef has maintained many of his parents’ inn-keeping traditions, he knew that with technology advancements, static pricing was no longer the best way to price rooms. So, he began to search for a better solution.

The Solution

When Josef found RoomPriceGenie, he immediately saw its potential for transforming pricing at the hotel. He said, “I was convinced that we could position ourselves very well on the market with the help of dynamic pricing.” Without needing to spend a lot of time, he can ensure that rooms are priced right, every night. Of RoomPriceGenie, Josef says, “It’s so user-friendly and easy to use. Training our employees was very quick. Now, it just does the work in the background and we can be sure that the prices will be right for the market.”

The Result

With RoomPriceGenie, Gasthaus Hof has increased its occupancy as well as its turnover. In fact, revenue is up 25% compared to pre-pandemic times because of dynamic room pricing.