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22. März 2024

Glion Career Day

Rue de l'Ondine 20, 1630 Bulle, Schweiz

RoomPriceGenie is thrilled to be part of Glion Career Day, an extraordinary event that goes beyond the conventional career fair. With over a thousand ambitious students from various programs and semesters, the day is dedicated to seeking internships, management training programs, and entry-level positions. What sets Glion’s Recruitment Day apart is its unique structure, featuring over 4,100 eligible students and more than 600 scheduled interviews. These interactions, based on actual vacancies posted in advance, foster authentic and lasting connections that transcend the typical career fair experience. Join RoomPriceGenie at Glion Career Day for meaningful conversations, genuine opportunities, and a chance to forge long-lasting professional relationships.

Rue de l'Ondine 20, 1630 Bulle, Schweiz


Rue de l'Ondine 20, 1630 Bulle, Schweiz

Join us at the Glion Career Day 2024 and take advantage of:

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