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RoomPriceGenie is the easiest way to ensure that your rooms are priced right, every night.

RoomPriceGenie is an award-winning revenue management system for independent hoteliers who don’t have time to dedicate to pricing optimization.

It’s fast to implement, intuitive to use, simple to understand and completely transparent. Choose to be hands-off, letting the platform act as an always-on pricing manager, or jump in and control your price manually. Either way, RoomPriceGenie will increase your revenue, save you time checking your rates against your competitive set. And ensure you never leave money on the table. Try 14 days for free.

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Improve your revenue by 22% by spending less time on monitoring and adjusting your rates

We understand the day-to-day complexity and unpredictability of running a hotel. Staffing shortages, supply chain issues, rising fuel costs and inflation mean you never know what tomorrow brings. That’s why we built a solution to take the work out of pricing, one of the most complex, but important functions at any hotel.

It works either fully automated or as a personal adviser that has your back. So that you have more freedom and flexibility to run your business your war. This is why RoomPriceGenie is already trusted by over 2000 hotel owners worldwide, just like you, to drive revenue you can count on.

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+ 22% revenue

Increase your revenue charging more when you can and less when you need to.


Save 10 hours

Each week, you save 10 hours of manual work so that you can focus more on what makes your hotel special.


100% in control

Let the computer do the repetitive work but stay 100% in control.

Easy, Intuitive and Effective

Independent hoteliers, B&B owners, apartments & short-term rental managers worldwide recommend RoomPriceGenie as an easy-to-use revenue management system that takes work out of your hands while maximizing revenue.

HotelTechReport Best Revenue Management System 2024 - 2nd Place
HTR RoomPriceGenie logo 98%
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Recommen­dation ­ Score

Ranked 1st in top 5 Revenue Management Systems on Hotel Tech Report


Customer support

Ranked 1st in top 5 Revenue Management Systems on Hotel Tech Report


Ease of use

Ranked 2nd in top 5 Revenue Management Systems on Hotel Tech Report

Your rates can't stay fixed if you want to stay competitive

When you sell online, static prices will almost always be too high or too low. With the rise of OTAs, every consumer knows that they can go online and see the price for every hotel on any given night. You’re not just competing with every big brand hotel as well.

You need to make sure your rate is right to win bookings without leaving money on the table. That’s why independent hoteliers choose these options to maximize their revenue: calculating prices manually in Excel spreadsheets, using rule-based pricing tools, or traditional “Enterprise” Revenue Management Systems.

Arrows in a target
  • Manual process + Excel
  • Rule-based pricing tools
  • Traditional RMS
  • RoomPriceGenie
Manual process + ExcelRule-based pricing toolsTraditional RMSRoomPriceGenie


Transparent pricing calculation
Easy setup
Utilizes real-time market changes in demand
Hands-free pricing updates
Provides analytical data
Easy to use
100% control of pricing
Independent hotel budget friendly
Requires revenue management knowledge





High setup and maintenance fees





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Wish granted. Count on Genie.

Rest easy and stay focused on your guests. We've got room pricing handled.

Count on the right price, every

Offering really good quality pricing is very difficult as it involves a great deal of understanding and analysis of the data and the desire to improve upon your data analysis capabilities continually – and that’s where RoomPriceGenie stands out from the competition (especially when you compare our solution to other systems that are designed for smaller hotels).

RoomPriceGenie calculates the ideal room price for maximum profit, directly improving your bottom line.

Our fully automated, best-in-class pricing model leverages multiple data sources, so you don’t need to do any manual updates on your pricing.

I have more time now. I logged on today for the first time in a week, and yet I knew that over the course of the last week, my pricing was moving accurately and effectively with what was happening in the market.

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Count on technology that’s easy to use

Easy and intuitive to use, regardless of technology or revenue management experience. Let the system do its thing automatically or log in and change a price manually.

The choice is yours.


Recommendation Score


Customer support


Ease of use

Count on the best support in the industry

We’re hoteliers dressed in technology clothing, and we treat our customers like you treat your guests.

That’s why we have the highest recommendation scores of any major revenue management system. Just check our reviews on HotelTechReport.

Wonderful support and service from the RoomPriceGenie team combined with excellent revenue-generating software. We recommend RoomPriceGenie to every hotelier!

Michael Gehring from Hotel Piz Mitgel
RoomPriceGenie helped me reduce my time on pricing by 70%. Now I only need to monitor the rates and performance once a week because I know that my rate is in the good hands of the automated pricing system.
Jacky Huang, Revenue Analyst for Buasri Boutique Patong

Effortless setup

Worry-free integration with your PMS or Channel Manager

We’ve got this – leave all the setup work to the friendly technology people. Our pricing leverages future market and occupancy data, so we don’t even need your historical data, which is unreliable in an ever-changing world.

With over 70 integrations and counting – unleash the power of technology by connecting RoomPriceGenie to your PMS or your Channel Manager. Our autopilot integration means your pricing is always kept up-to-date, while you are busy doing other things.

After connecting to your PMS or Channel Manager, it takes just 2 hours to start your revenue journey alongside one of our dedicated revenue management experts:

  • 1 hour for you to introduce your hotel to the system and learn the tips and tricks;
  • 1 hour for you to review your revenue strategy and provide us with the feedback;
  • 30 seconds for you to switch to automated revenue generation.
RoomPriceGenie - Example Integrations

Functionalities that save you time & maximize revenue

Take a breather and enjoy your holidays while knowing your pricing is always optimized

Real-time pricing optimization

Real-time pricing optimization will automatically update your prices as internal (PMS data) and external (market conditions) data changes:

  • We track the rates of your 10 biggest competitors to understand the changing compset dynamics, as well as hundreds of local AirBnBs, to make sure your property is always well-positioned to beat the competition.

  • We monitor your booking performance to identify demand patterns.

  • We check your pick-up patterns to spot big nights or upcoming events before the booking rush begins, making it easy for you to secure more bookings at a higher price point.

Rate calendar

The rate calendar gives you visibility to and enables you to make updates to room rates and availability for specific dates, according to room types, based both on external factors (i.e., marker demand, seasonality, local events, competitor pricing and holidays) and internal property data (i.e., historical data from the PMS).

Using the rate calendar, your property will also price your rooms at the right rate, at the right time, 365 days per year.

Using the RoomPriceGenie rate calendar you can:

  •  Set minimum and maximum prices.

  • Define your room types.

  • Finetune your seasonality and day-of-week cycles.

  • Make smarter decisions about inventory allocation and marketing strategies.

Reporting & analytics dashboard

To maximize your profitability, you need real-time data and insights into your property’s performance to ensure your pricing and marketing strategies are effective, both in the short- and long-term.

The RoomPriceGenie revenue management system has a built-in reporting and analytics dashboard, which makes it easy to monitor the performance metrics that matter most, in an easy-to-understand format.

Using the dashboard, you have quick and easy visibility to:

  • Your property’s occupancy, ADR and RevPAR.

  • Forecast accuracy, which measures the accuracy of the automated pricing solution’s demand forecasts.

  • Market segmentation, which tracks the performance of different types of guests, such as leisure travelers, business travelers and group bookings.

  • Compare your pricing to your competitors to find opportunities to boost your bookings and revenue.

  • Most importantly, the dashboard offers actionable tips to optimize your pricing and inventory decisions, as real-time market conditions change. So that you are never leaving money on the table.

Autopilot feature

The RoomPriceGenie revenue management system has a built-in autopilot feature that you can choose to activate to better manage your rates, boost bookings and overall revenue, without the need for additional staff or annoying tech headaches.

Using autopilot, you can fully relax, knowing your prices are set exactly the way you want them.

Autopilot makes the process of calculating and updating optimal room rates, and managing inventory, completely hands-free, offering:

  • 18 months of future pricing

  • Quick reaction to any changes in the market or in your bookings

  • Prices updated up to 12 times per day

Real-time surge protection

One of the saddest ways a hotel loses money is when a big event gets announced, and before you know what is happening, you sell your rooms at a fraction of the price you could have charged.

At RoomPriceGenie, we are determined that this should never happen again to hotels. So, we created a protection model that triggers immediately after a surge of bookings and give you time to react to the situation. Never again will you sell your rooms too cheap.

See what return on investment you could experience with RoomPriceGenie

“How much extra revenue will I make?” – is one of the most popular questions we get. For any individual hotel, it depends on a lot of different factors. Here are the results from the case study we did on 9 diverse hotels in Europe, to get an idea of the average performance of our RMS:

9 hotels

with 4-55 rooms


average increase in revenue


average increase in reveue per month

Let RoomPriceGenie work on your room rates for just 14 days

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