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Revenue Management Glossary

Transient – Market Segment


The transient market segment refers to travellers who book with a property independently, or through a corporate/negotiated rate that isn’t part of a group booking. This market segment includes many different types of traveller profiles, including family, business travellers, solo travellers, couples, etc. Generally, transient bookings are short-term stays.

How to use it

Transient guests are often one of the highest revenue earning market segments for hotels and help to maintain a property's occupancy rate. As such, a great deal of a hotel's revenue management strategies will be designed to create packages and pricing that will appeal to transient travelers.



Related Terms

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One of the best strategies to boost the revenue on your transient bookings is to match your direct rates with your OTA rates, plus offer value-adds and promotions to incentivize guests to book direct, eliminating the cost of acquisition and maximising revenues. Don’t forget to market those special packages/rates on your website to ensure that guests know that they are only available by booking directly.

Gustavo Peña

Gustavo Pena