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Revenue Management Glossary

Association/Convention – Group Sub-segment


The association/convention group sub-segment refers to large groups of people who are attending association-related meetings, conventions, conferences and other organized events. Associations are professional, trade, or industry groups that hold regular meetings, conventions, or conferences, and can range from small professional associations to large international organizations.

How to use it

In addition to booking room blocks, this sub-segment often requires meeting space, catering and event planning services, making them a valuable market for hotels.

Pricing for this sub-segment can be complex, as it can involve negotiated rates for large groups, seasonal pricing and, at times, long-term contracts with organizers who plan events on a regular basis.



Related Terms

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“Properties with extensive conference facilities and equipment, and event planning and catering services, should invest a large percentage of their marketing budget to attract this type of booking because it is a very profitable sub-segment. To meet and build relationships with the decision-makers who are organizing these types of events, I recommend attending association trade shows to build a marketing list and send targeted emails showcasing the property’s facilities and amenities, as well as the many activities available in the destination for them to explore during their upcoming events.”

Babynke Kingma

Babynke Kingma