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Oasis Hotel

Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Hector Sarmiento runs the Oasis Hotel with his family. The hotel offers a home for those travelling and is unique in a market full of branded chain hotels. "We purchased the hotel in 2015 when it was an abandoned property, and after renovations and running the hotel, we fell in love with being a hotelier and offering guests an experience when visiting South Florida."
A room from Oasis Hotel, showing the bedroom and kitchen area
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Hector Sarmiento from Oasis Hotel
“Starting with RoomPriceGenie was one of the best decisions I have made since opening our hotel.”

Hector Sarmiento

The Challenge

When Hector initially purchased the property, he planned to remodel and resell it. "I was in the real-estate business and wanted to flip the property. But after the remodel was completed, I saw the hotel's potential and took the step running it myself," says Hector. "The beginning was tough since I knew nothing about operating a hotel, let alone revenue management. I spend hours figuring out how to price my rooms but still missed out on revenue opportunities selling my rooms too cheaply when there was peak demand."

The Trigger

Hector started learning the basics of revenue management but was frustrated by the manual work required and the poor results generated. Hector explains: "One of our friends helped me with our pricing, but as a small property, I do not have the budget for a full-time revenue manager. Therefore, I started exploring other options and contacted the RoomPriceGenie team. Their offer was exactly what I needed: it fixed my revenue problems and was well within the budget I could invest."

The Solution

"Starting with RoomPriceGenie was one of the best decisions I have made since opening our hotel," Hector says. "It allows me to focus on the many other things required to run an independent hotel while knowing that my prices are always taken care of." Since the opening, Hector made several changes in his reservation and booking systems, but using RoomPriceGenie remained a constant. "The team at RoomPriceGenie helped me with transition multiple times and has been super helpful in my revenue management journey”

The Result

"Since implementing RoomPriceGenie, we have increased our overall revenue while saving time since we do not have to set our rates manually," says Hector. "Besides these successes, the peace of mind that RoomPriceGenie offers is priceless. I know my rates are always up-to-date, and I don't miss any revenue opportunities."

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