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Hotel Alpenblick

“In low and mid season we can sell the rooms on average 15% more expensive.”

Hotel Alpenblick
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Case Study

Hotel Alpenblick, Grindelwald, Switzerland - Jürg Brawand

"In low and mid season we can sell the rooms on average 15% more expensive."

Please introduce yourself and tell us briefly more about your hotel, your history and your market

My name is Jürg Brawand, I completed an apprenticeship as a chef and then attended the hotel management school in Lausanne. In December 2011 I was allowed to take over the Hotel Alpenblick in Grindelwald as a tenant. We are a small, family team. We offer dormitories, rooms with shower on the floor, family rooms and double rooms with shower and toilet to the more price-conscious travelers in Grindelwald.

How did you design your prices before RoomPriceGenie and how long did you have to do it?

We had the summer and winter season divided into 3 categories each. Pre – High and Post season. We did a weekend surcharge on winter weekends. We set the prices by competition analysis and experience. In the respective seasons the prices were static, and were, if, only very short term and rarely changed. At the end of each season, we worked on the next season but one, which was very time-consuming.

How important is dynamic pricing for you in today's market?

The airline industry as pioneers have shown it. I think in tourism dynamic pricing is very important and the future.

How has RoomPriceGenie made your life easier and what do you like most about RoomPriceGenie?

The pricing runs automatically, and responds very quickly. The time we used to spend on pricing we can now use elsewhere. The program is easy to understand and easy to use.

Even if the program runs automatically, you still have the possibility to intervene manually, which is a big plus!

Also the support has always helped us promptly in the beginning with questions and suggestions.

Can you already report first sales increases or further successes? If so, what are they?

Thanks to RPG, we can sell the rooms at the best possible price, which is reflected positively in the turnover. Since we started with RPG during the pandemic, it is difficult to give concrete figures. What is for sure, in low and mid season we can sell the rooms on average 15% more expensive.

And finally: Please describe RoomPriceGenie in one sentence

Simple to understand, automated pricing, resulting in the best possible room rate.

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