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Hotel Rössli

Hotel Rössli, Zuzwil, Switzerland
Hotel Rössli, Zuzwil Switzerland Rafael

"In summary, I can say that with RoomPriceGenie I was able to increase sales by 10%. I am very satisfied!"

Please introduce yourself and tell us briefly more about your hotel, your history and your market.

Hotel Rössli in Zuzwil is located in a rural community in eastern Switzerland. With 15 rooms we accommodate business customers, transients and leisure guests. The profitable management is possible through a self check-in concept and a parent cooperation with b_smart services.

How did you set your prices before RoomPriceGenie and how long did it take?

We have always had steady prices, which did not always fit the market conditions. Once they were too high and once too low.

How important is dynamic pricing for you in today’s market?

To stay competitive in today’s dynamic and growing market, it is necessary to react quickly to all internal and external influences. Internal and external demand as well as customer behavior play an important role in order to price dynamically.

How has RoomPriceGenie made your life easier and what do you like most about RoomPriceGenie?

RoomPriceGenie brings me more profitability because the prices are adjusted to the market conditions at any time. In summary, I can say that with RoomPriceGenie I have been able to increase sales by 10%. So I am very happy!

And finally: RoomPriceGenie in one sentence?

Simple and very effective solution for dynamic pricing. Highly recommended!