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Outsourced Revenue Management for your hotel

The perfect combination of technology and human control. You get RoomPriceGenie’s best-in-class automated pricing, managed by a dedicated revenue manager. At a price you’ll love!

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Why should I choose Full Service?

Great Value - Guaranteed

We guarantee you more revenue. If we do not meet this, you get all our work for free for the entire year!

We are Swiss

More time

We know that as hoteliers they have better things to do than worry about prices. Leave these concerns to us and take care of what is really important – your guests!

What do you get?

Who is it for?

Melanie Lucia Staub

Our Full Service

“We always say that the best revenue management is a combination of human and machine. That’s why we decided to put our hand-picked revenue management experts at your disposal. We save time by using technology, and you get the savings from it; a premium, concierge service at a great value. We love working with you and seeing your ideas become reality.

Melanie Staub

Senior Business Development & Country Manager Switzerland, RoomPriceGenie

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