Mimoza Spasovska – Revenue Manager & Product Specialist

In our Meet the Genies series, we give you the opportunity to get to know the friendly faces that make RoomPriceGenie more than just an algorithm. Today, we have Mimoza, but please call her Mimi (she is not a fan of her name:)) Mimi has passion for revenue management and hotel technology that can simplify hoteliers’ lives, and has years of experience working with customers within the hospitality industry.

Strictly Business

What is your role at RoomPriceGenie and how long have you been with us?

I joined RoomPriceGenie in January 2020  in the role of revenue manager and product specialist. The algorithm itself works magic but in order to optimize full revenue potential, RoomPriceGenie has to be set individually for each hotel according to their strategy, current data and their needs and this is the stage where I fit in and where I help our clients to  begin their successful journey with RoomPriceGenie.

What is your background in? 
My background is hospitality, in all kind of roles, many geographical locations and work with different nationalities. But I dived deeper into hotel technology and revenue management specifically, 4 years ago, setting up full digital transformation, pricing strategy and online distribution for  smaller property types worldwide. 

What do you think makes the RoomPriceGenie solution unique?
Smaller properties, without any knowledge in revenue can unlock such a potential with RoomPriceGenie. And if we add to that the simplicity of the app, trust me, there is no better way than this one, with RoompriceGenie.

What is something that hotel owners have to deal with that you want to fix?
Revenue management isn’t a complex matter; it’s just something that has to be done continuously. For that matter, I want to help with automation, especially now when the tools are so affordable and simplified. 

What’s the coolest thing you are working on right now?
GenieIntelligence! Price recommendation emails sent to your inbox. The system can be set by answering only a few questions about your hotel. But don’t forget, we (humans) still check each and every account to make sure everything is OK. 

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about working in hospitality technology?

I like everything about it. 

A little more…

What are the values that drive you?
Passion, is that a value? Trust, open approach and fairness 

If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?
Funny misery – that would be the title. Why? It is too personal.

What’s the best advice you were ever given?
Meditate, do yoga, drink wine, eat delicious food, laugh until your cheeks hurt. 

What three words would your friends use to describe you?
Crazy, direct and fun probably.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?
Hiking, spending quality time with my nieces, drinking wine 🙂

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