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We make data-driven Revenue Management accessible to anyone, no matter if PMS, Channel Manager, Consultant or individuals. Join us now and revolutionize your business – with RoomPriceGenie.

Create more value in your offering and increase your clients revenues

Discover how our intuitive revenue management platform helps your clients thrive and how our partnership opens extra revenue streams for your business.

Hotel Technology Companies

Are you a Property Management System or a Channel Manager?

Let’s join forces – integrate our platform and offer both our and your product as an integrated solution, if you want to even completely white labeled.

RoomPriceGenie the easiest to set-up and most intuitive to use Revenue Management Solution. Keep your clients happy by giving them access to this unique technology.

Hotel Consultants

Are you a Consultant for Revenue or Hotel  Management?

Our intuitive and innovative platform will improve your clients revenues and make you a better Revenue Manager.

In addition, our highly automated workflows enables you to work with more clients at the same time.

Win for your clients, win for you.


Are you a well connected individual and at home in the world of travel and hospitality?

Tell your network, clients or friends about us.

Introduce them to RoomPriceGenie via our super easy sign-up process and get rewarded for it.

How we can work together

We offer three different programs: Reseller Program, Agency Program and Referral Program.

1. Reseller Program

Set yourself apart from your competition
In a highly fragmented environment, only technology and service can set you apart. Use RoomPriceGenie pricing technology and offer your clients a service that makes them extra money.

Provide your clients with something new
Our platform is intuitive and highly automated. Your clients are able to improve their revenues from the moment they start using it, without weeks of training and set ups

Set your clients up for success
Our seamlessly integration product will enable your clients to compete with the big brands and improve revenues without any effort. The value of your product will increase dramatically.

Software Providers

You know that hoteliers are looking for extra functionality combined with flexibility. You create value for your clients by being a single contact for multiple solutions.

2. Agency Program

Increase the value of your service
Your knowledge on Revenue Management combined with our platform will achieve even better results for your clients. Your clients will realize quickly that your service has become even more valuable

Grow your business
Automation is key for growth and that is exactly what we offer. Eliminate manual workflows and optimise your time. Enable yourself to handle more clients with our highy automated Revenue Management platform

Generate extra income
Increased revenues from your clients leads to more income for you. Besides that, you are also able to handle more clients at the same time using our platform: Win-Win-Win.

Hospitality consultants

You only want the best results for your clients and are looking for ways to grow your own business. You realize that smart technology is key to achieve these goals.

3. Referral Program

Share your knowledge with your network
We will show you why RoomPriceGenie works and how Revenue Management should be done in the 21st century.

Introduce RoomPriceGenie without worries
Our experienced team of Revenue Managers will take good care of the hoteliers you refer and will set them up for success!

Generate extra income
It’s super easy to refer a lead and we take care of the rest. And we take good care of our friends; Once your referral becomes a paying customer, we will reward you with a commission.


Hoteliers appreciate and listen to you because they know you keep an eye out on the best tech solutions in hospitality.

We would love to work with you!

Any questions? You need more material? We’re already looking forward to getting to know you!