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Mona-Marleen Krüger
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Mona-Marleen Krüger

Sales & Revenue Manager DACH

Hello, welcome to my page. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Strictly Business

Sales & Revenue Manager DACH
I am German at the passport, Austrian at my blood and Swiss at my heart.
The massive knowledge in hospitality as well the destination knowledge. Last but not least: The free trial with the really fast integration.
Fixing problems, results of revenue with small things to be changed as well showing that digital working isn’t that scary for older hoteliers.

A little more…

Loyal, living each day like a rich princess, love the life you live.
Empathetic , selfless , courageous.
You don’t need to fit in the world, you are unique.
Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snacks every time.