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Daniil Bibik
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Daniil Bibik

Django Python Backend Developer

Hi, my name is Daniil and I am a Django Python Backend Developer at RoomPriceGenie.

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In our Meet the Genies series, we give you the opportunity to get to know the friendly faces that make RoomPriceGenie more than just an algorithm.

Strictly Business

I worked in three startups previously. First one was related to healthcare – JS Technology Solutions Inc. Second one was about checking an authenticity of apparel – Company name is CH Group. Also, I’ve developed another service in CH Group called My previous job was Pixofarm – a good Austrian startup that helps fruit growers to estimate the future fruit yields – both quantity and the date.
It’s focus on small hotels. I think most of the companies want to go high, to cover most of the market with least amount of efforts. That way you have to work mostly with large companies. So, large companies receive best technologies. You can’t compete with them. What small hoteliers should do? I really sympathize with small hoteliers and think that they deserve best technologies. They really deserve to stay in business and enjoy what they do. And that’s great that we can take care of some boring routine (like price decisions) and make them happier.
I think our product is already on a very good point. I just want to improve it’s reliability, availability to make sure that our clients can access it all the time. Also I want to constantly improve our service, business and development processes. I believe that small changes make a big difference.
Is that I can help people. Also, I very like that RoomPriceGenie automates the hardest – decision making about prices. And does it for every single day and room. It’s just a magic. I can only imagine the amount of efforts that RPG saves for our customers.

A little more…

I want to help people. So I want to work in a company that provides a valuable product to customers. Also, I want to grow, educate and take more responsibility. I like if the team is supportive and kind, if development processes are very lean and help people to be more effective.
It’s not an advice, it’s a lesson I received from my life. Don’t get attached to things, to your home, to something material. It can go very easily. What really matters – is your relatives, your principles, conscience and faith that everything can be overcome.
I’m enjoying a nature, hiking, traveling across Georgia where I’m right now. I recently was in Borjomi. It was unforgettable.