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Aleyna Yüksel
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Aleyna Yüksel

Working Student - Sales Development & Projects

Hi! I am a working student in Sales Development & Projects.

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Strictly Business

I am a working student in Sales Development & Projects.
I am a third-year student pursuing a BA in International Trade and Finance, with one year of study abroad and a two-semester internship at the university. Having a background in finance and project management. The skills I possess from being a chairperson at a student club and the experience with a variety of different projects in various areas are helping me to improve myself.
Instead of a range of complex tools, ease of use enables even small hotels to compete with the others. It is user-friendly and requires no prior expertise. The instructions are rather basic, and the support team will be readily available in case of any issues.
The market is competitive, and keeping up with all-time prices can be difficult, especially for small hotels. Since the first day I joined the RPG family’s board, I’ve seen that every hotel owner is in need of automated pricing to help them maximize their revenue.
What I like best about hospitality technology is that it helps hotels run their businesses more efficiently and smoothly.

A little more…

Everyday is a second chance
“Fulfilled Dreams” because I work hard to make my dreams a reality. It’s never easy, and I’m not sure what life has in store for me in the meantime. But it just boosts my energy to see what I have done, and I also would like to inspire others since we do have time to get better.
If the weather is nice, I would grab some food, eat out, enjoy the sun, or travel somewhere nearby with my friends. If it is not good, I spend time learning something new, listening to music, and having a rest at home.