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GenieIntelligence analyzes your availabilities and current rates from Booking.com and your local market. That’s all we need to come up with fully-optimized price-recommendations, which you will receive in a short email each morning:

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How does GenieIntelligence work?

1. Connect your Booking.com account

To provide you with great price-recommendations, we need to analyze your availabilities and rates from Booking.com. 

To connect your account, we will use the official booking.com SSO button (SSO means single sign-on), where you log in to your account and confirm that RoomPriceGenie can access your property’s data.

2. Tailor it to your property

We will ask you a few quick questions to better understand your property and situation. It takes under 2 minutes – we’ve timed it!

3. Tweak your prices

Every day we’ll identify your “Big Five” booking dates in the upcoming 3 months, where we think you can charge more because demand is high and you are selling quickly. Raise the prices for the Big Five!

We will also suggest your upcoming 2 weeks of room prices. The largest recommended changes – up or down – are highlighted in green (move up) and red (move down). Change the green and red prices too!

And that’s it!! Perfect pricing takes just 5 minutes a day.

“The single most important thing you can do for the success of your hotel?
To get your pricing right!”

Scott Dahl

Professor of Revenue Management and Digital Transformation, Les Roches Hotel School​

Why sign up?

2 minutes to set up. A lifetime of good prices.

Less emotion, more revenue!

“RoomPriceGenie is a valuable solution for our small property in an emerging marketplace. It’s taken the emotion and much of the bias out of our rate setting process. Because our entry rates are adjusted up or down based on market and property sell thru, we are better meeting occupancy and profit goals. We’ve had the solution in place almost a year. Our monthly results are up as much as 20% over last year.”


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30-day free trial. No credit card required.