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How to structure your rate structure?

A good rate structure needs to be straightforward, uncluttered and manageable. In this blog, we focus on setting up a rate structure in the PMS system, as this is one of the core building blocks for running a profitable hotel.

Ten key qualities to look for in a Channel Manager


Whether you run a hotel, B&B, or holiday rental, maximising bookings and occupancy rates is a top priority. Strong online visibility across multiple Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and metasearch platforms is crucial.

Top 5 Tips to Maximise Your Revenue

5 Tips to maximize your revenue - RoomPriceGenie

Running any accommodation business is a lot of work, and amidst all things to do, hoteliers typically always put their guests first. Other tasks, like the rooms’ pricing, are often secondary considerations.

Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam 2023

The Independent Hotel Show is the only industry event dedicated entirely to the needs of luxury and boutique hoteliers, and it’s rolling into Amsterdam in the spring of 2023. Meet the genies in person at the RAI Complex and discover how RoomPriceGenie helps hotels around the world with automated revenue management.  14th & 15th March, […]

Hotel Operations Weekend 2022

Meet leading players and talent from all facets of the hospitality industry and rejoice the only European conference focusing upon hotel operations exclusively. Connect with Christoph Irving – Our Head of Partnerships and learn how RoomPriceGenie’s dynamic pricing recommendations are supercharging hotel revenues in over 50 countries. 20th – 21st October, 2022 Go to Event […]

Cornwall Hotelier Forum 2022

Brace yourselves for an exciting time at Profitroom’s inaugural Hoteliers Forum which takes us to the picturesque town of Cornwall. Enjoy an exquisite wine-tasting session at the award winning – Trevibban Mill Vineyard and meet John Halligan from our team and get to know RoomPriceGenie – the most intuitive pricing solution ever. 19th October, 2022 Go to […]

Revenue Management with Semper

Semper RoomPriceGenie

Semper is a comprehensive Property Management System that is easy to use and available in cloud or on-premise versions. Semper includes a CRM ensuring enhanced guest experience such as contactless check-in, guest services enabling account access from anywhere with ability to check out without the hassle of queuing at the reception desk. You will also […]

Implementing your revenue management strategies when using an RMS

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We always say that a perfect pricing strategy is a combination of human and machine. The human role is to set up the strategy, rate policy and expertise in a context that the machine doesn’t have. The computer then does all the calculations to get perfect pricing.

RoomPriceGenie and Seekom – a partnership case-study from New Zealand

Seekom RoomPriceGenie

The back-story Three or four years ago, Seekom, an established and well-respected property management system (PMS) from New Zealand, made a bold decision. They wanted to offer their clients more than just a standard PMS – they saw a lot of opportunity for their clients to make more revenue and wanted to help them achieve […]

Revenue Management with Guesty

Guesty RoomPriceGenie

Guesty is a property management platform used by property managers and management companies to run their short-term and vacation rentals.  Guesty’s property management software provides end-to-end solutions which simplify the complex operational needs of accommodation providers. A unified platform created with smart technology in mind, incorporating many automated tools to fit all the needs of […]