RoomPriceGenie's Concierge service: An expert revenue manager PLUS RoomPriceGenie

RoomPriceGenie’s Concierge offering is the perfect combination of technology and human control. You will get RoomPriceGenie’s world-class automated pricing, guided by a dedicated revenue manager. At a price you will love!

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Why choose RoomPriceGenie Concierge?

Revenue Strategy

We work with you to add layers of strategy to the pricing optimisation and improve your results.

Zero stress

We will be keeping an eye on things for you, while you are busy. Meaning that your pricing will always be up-to-date and you can relax.

Great Value - Guaranteed!

Adding our Revenue Manager’s expertise to RoomPriceGenie will help you achieve even better results than before.

What do you get?

Who is it for?

Ari Andricopoulos Roompricegenie Academy

Our premium service

“We always say that the best revenue management is a combination of human and machine. That’s why we decided to put our hand-picked revenue management experts at your disposal. We save time by using technology, and you get the savings from it; a premium, concierge service at a great value. We love working with you and seeing your ideas become reality.


CEO, RoomPriceGenie

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