Salina Maris, Mörel, Switzerland – Markus

Salina Maris property image at RoomPriceGenie

“It was quite a lot of work every day and every week and our reactions were often slow. With RoomPriceGenie it’s automatic and reacts much faster on the short selling cycle.” Dr. Markus Schmid, Manager of Salina Maris Spa Hotel, Switzerland From Excel to effortless! My wife and I run a small, private owned […]

Hotel Emma, Rotterdam, Netherlands – Luigi

Hotel Emma, Rotterdam, Netherlands Luigi

“I was doing everything manually and I was trying to look 365 -days in the future, but I was always too late. I was either fully booked much more in advance or I missed the opportunity to sell at double the price.” Luigi, Owner of Hotel Emma, Rotterdam Continuing the grandparents’ family business Hotel […]

Hotel Beausejour, Paris, France – Massiva & Emmanuel

Hotel Beausejour, Paris, France

“I have more time now, and I feel more comfortable. I can rely on RoomPriceGenie because it does see the changes in the markets and will help me with my pricing strategy in future.” Massiva & Emmanuel, Owners at Hotel Beausejour, Paris Me and my brother started with Hotel Beausejour in 2005 as a […]

The Life Suites, Toronto, Canada – Thomas Tewolde

The Life Suites, Toronto, Canada

“You don’t wake up in the morning and say ‘I want to tweak my prices!’” Thomas Tewolde, Owner of The Life Suites Toronto and founder of BookingAutomation, the PMS for short-term rentals I’m Thomas and I grew up in Toronto, Canada. I used to be a real-estate broker, looking after other people’s properties, […]